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Ing. Martin Böhm and Ing. Joseph Böhm (BTH)

Josef Boehm (born 1952) has begun his career as an engineer with his graduation from the engineer school for mould- and device-making at Waidhofen/Ybbs in Lower Austria.

Subseqently Mr. Boehm started his business life as designer for injection moulds and joined the injection moulding machine manufacturer "ENGEL GmbH" at Schwertberg/AUT and the pocket lighter manufacturing company "EISERT AG" in Heidenreichstein/AUT - in total for 8 years.

In 1979 Mr. Boehm was the co-founder and design office manager of the mouldmaking company KTW (Kunststofftechnik Waidhofen/Thaya GmbH). There he held the position as director for design engineering until 1993. In the same year Mr. Boehm started his career as enterpreneur and founded his independent service enterprise BTH.

Böhm, Martin (born 1976) visited the "Höhere Technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt Mödling (HTL), Austria" and graduated witht the subject general machine engineering.

Afterwards he worked for about 5 years at the sector plant engineering (servicestation for trains) at the company "Kolp, Austria" and at the company "Pfaff - Silberblau, Germany".

In 2001 he joined his parents company as "Junior-Partner" and took over his fathers company at first of january 2013.


Extension of the software Siemens NX.


Relaunch of Website.


At first of january 2013, the member of compamy change. The son Martin Böhm take's over the company.

Adaptation to the PROE Creo 2 - version.


Purchase a laptop for better display the customers projects.


Adaptation of design system "Pro Engineer" version 2001 to version "Wild Fire".


Replacing and extension of CAD System by intruduction of "Pro Engineer" software.

Joining of Eng. Martin Böhm as junior partner, and herewith extension of the scope of services by designs for appliances and machinanical engineering.


Extension of information technology system (incl. CAD) to 6 work stations.


Extension of office space by construction of an office building with 300 m² additional office space and
archiv. Extension of the CAD system to 4 work stations.

Starting of 3D Design with AutoCAD software.

First projects for international customers.


Procurement of CAD System ACAD 12-2D.


Formation of BTH as a company with unlimited liability at the location Heidenreichsten/AUT. From the very beginning specialisation in injection moulds for closure systems and small technical engineering components.